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Vitamins And Supplements

All About Wellness is a multidisciplinary clinic focusing on the treatment of children, adolescents, and adults of all ages. We strive to quickly and effectively bring your body back to its maximum functioning level. We achieve this by combining the use of chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, and nutritional support. Whether you are in need of one or all of these services, we are here to help you achieve and exceed your personal goals.

Super Nu-Thera® w/o Vitamin A & D Cherry
Super Nu-Thera® is a multiple vitamin/mineral supplement featuring B-6, and magnesium. Super Nu-Thera® also contains the rest of the B-vitamins, vitamin C, the oil soluble vitamins (E) as well as the minerals zinc, manganese and selenium. Some forms of Super Nu-Thera® also may include calcium.

Kirkman's Zinc Liquid
Kirkman's Liquid Zinc Supplement is a pleasant tasting syrup naturally flavored with a natural raspberry flavor. Each 1 teaspoon contains 20 mg. of elemental zinc from water soluble zinc alpha-ketoglutarate and is in a sugar free medium.

Zinc is involved in just about every aspect of immunity and helps support a healthy immune system, including the immune enhancing "T" cells which are necessary for immune response.

Spectrum Complete
A nutritional supplement which incorporates a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional factors. Many parents find it difficult to give their child a multitude of different supplements daily or several times a day, and other parents are unsure of which nutritional supplement regimen to follow.

In this case a broad spectrum dietary supplement is suggested in the interim. SpectrumComplete™ helps solve all these issues by being very comprehensive. It tastes good and dissolves well, kids can't resist them.

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