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Children are our future. As a doctor and a father, Dr. Neary see's the need for Chiropractic Care in children and adolescents surface almost daily! Periodic evaluations and treatment helps his children stay well, and also prevents injury. Chiropractic treatment is commonly performed to reduce spasms and pain. With children, we usually combine specific methods of chiropractic care with therapy to help build low muscle tone. We find this approach, coupled with the nutrition aspect, can significantly aid in improvement and performance.

We incorporate therapeutic activities and neuromuscular re-education in a one on one environment, using child-friendly equipment designed for rehabilitation. Our goal is to increase muscle strength in the arms, legs, and spinal region. We also administer exercises to help increase muscle tone, balance, and coordination.​

At All About Wellness, we have had tremendous success with our pediatric population, which encompasses about 50% of our practice. Home exercises and stretches are also shown to the parents to help maximize what we do here at the clinic.

All About Wellness offers a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Anthony Neary for anyone interested in learning more about our center; you may also call us at (678) 992-1920 to schedule a 30-minute consultation and spinal assessment for only $29.00. We are located at 6748 Jamestown Drive in Alpharetta, GA., and serve patients in nearby cities, such as Cumming, Johns Creek and Milton.

Saturday appointments available upon request.