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Injury Treatment

At All About Wellness, we extensively evaluate and document your injuries. After we lower your pain level, a precise rehabilitation program will be instituted. This will make the muscles stronger and more stable, minimizing the chance of recurring problems. Our doctors treat extremity conditions such as plantar fascitis, ankle sprains, gait abnormalities, knee pain and tracking disorders, hip dysfunction and pain, shoulder joint problems and rotator cuff tears, elbow tendinitis and tendinosis, wrist injuries such as DeQuervain's Disease, and more. Not unlike the spine, your extremity joints can be dysfunctional due to a host of reasons. In addition, sprains/strains are very common. Advanced training in this area of treatment allows us to better identify the cause of the problem and formulate an appropriate care plan in order to reduce pain.

All About Wellness offers a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Anthony Neary for anyone interested in learning more about our center; you may also call us at (678) 992-1920 to schedule a 30-minute consultation and spinal assessment for only $29.00. We are located at 6748 Jamestown Drive in Alpharetta, GA., and serve patients in nearby cities, such as Cumming, Johns Creek and Milton.

Saturday appointments available upon request.