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During adolescence, bodies grow longer quickly in order to harden into main supporting structures for the body. As a child goes through this phase of rapid growth, emphasis should be placed on keeping the spine in alignment, which can help maintain optimal function. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to help with strength and flexibility.

Adolescents are also prone to sports injuries. When injuries occur, the normal spinal alignment can become displaced; this is termed as a subluxation. At All About Wellness, we strive to realign these subluxations by using gentle treatment techniques that your child can tolerate, without any popping or twisting. Therapy is also incredibly important after an injury, to help reduce scar tissue and to also help strengthen injured muscles and ligaments, in order to help protect against re-injury. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Neary, takes an individualized approach to meet your child's unique therapy needs, which are implemented in a one-on-one environment.

Nutrition is also paramount during adolescence. After evaluating your adolescent's diet, we may recommend supplements that are easy to take, in order to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients needed to facilitate his or her recovery and decrease healing time.

All About Wellness offers a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Anthony Neary for anyone interested in learning more about our center; you may also call us at (678) 992-1920 to schedule a 30-minute consultation and spinal assessment for only $29.00. We are located at 6748 Jamestown Drive in Alpharetta, GA., and serve patients in nearby cities, such as Cumming, Johns Creek and Milton.

Saturday appointments available upon request.